Grooming Box - Creating cross country fences, bandages boxes and stable stack in Belgium,Genappe,Brabant,Belgium,France,United Kingdom,England, Netherlands,Germany,Europe

Grooming Box in a few words

Are you looking for a craftsman producing meticulous work able to bring your plans to fruition paying careful attention to the deadlines? You are in the right place!

With a combined experience of more than 40 years in carpentry and horse riding, I deliver handmade pieces.

I assure you a made-to-measure manufacture of your saddlery items. Cross country fences, stable tackes, bandages boxes have thus no longer any secret for me.

My skills do not stop there of course and I am at your disposal to help you to realize all your projects on demand. So, do not hesitate anymore! Get in touch with me by email via I am waiting for you!

Examples of achievements

Here are a few examples of achievements. To get more, I suggest that you take a look at our Facebook Page.

Stable tack

Stable tack

Grooming Box Prestige

Grooming Box Prestige

Grooming Pro + (Teck)

Grooming Pro +

Bandages boxes

Bandages box

Grooming Ensemble Pro

Grooming Ensemble Pro

Grooming Junior

Grooming Junior

Obstacle Pointe

Obstacles Pointes

Obstalce Etal de légumes

Obstacles Etal de légumes

Obstacle Hangar à Bâteaux


Boîte d'écurie

Boîte d'écurie

Other achievements

Please note that those different works are available in different colours.

Do not hesitate to visit our Facebook Page to discover my other achievements.

Get in touch for any other request.


Do not hesitate to contact us by email or to take a look at our Facebook Page for further information.